The farm is a family operated farm by Jesse, Emily, Hagan, Hartlyn and the newest member Hatton Smith. Jesse and Emily both grew up on a farm and plan for Hagan and Hartlyn to grow up with the land as they did. Our grandparents and parents taught us at a young age to encourage people to learn about our food production. Emily's grandfather used to host field days, hay rides, and simple visits to anyone interested in the farm, even if they were not involved in agriculture. Growing up with the passion to raise and give back has given us the same passion.  We are committed to a sustainable future in agriculture.

Whats in the name?

Storm Run Farm, when naming the farm we wanted something that had lots of meaning and catchy at the same time. Well I think Storm Run Farm fits... Now for the story behind the name:  When we purchased the farm in 2010 there was not much to the farm. It was over grown, fences let go, and barn in need of repair.  When the farm was purchased we were not able to move onto the farm at first.  At the beginning we would travel to the farm with no running water or electric and just stare at what appeared to be a major task to even find a beginning spot to work on.  

That is when the "theme" began to occur.  What seemed like every time we traveled to the farm, after packing up the truck with all the tools and water needed for a day's work, a storm would roll in.  This would disrupt our plans to work on the farm and ruin the work we may have started.  Since this theme grew to almost every time we went to the farm we joked that if there was a drought all we needed to do was go to the farm.

Because we enjoyed still going to the farm and just enjoying the time God gives us on the land, we planned a camping trip to the farm.  Once on the farm and the campsite was set, what do you expect?  Yes, a storm rolled in, but even more so the storm caught us on the farthest point from the campsite and the vehicles.  We literally ran from the storms.  Even though the camping trip was canceled we did stay out in the rain long enough to eat a grilled hot dog over the campfire... 

Since that camping event, the farm has been better to our adventures and have been able to "work" without storms, but the name of Storm Run Farm stuck around.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our passion.